Dunhallow Stables

Dunhallow Stables

Welcome to Dunhallow Stables.

We are a small farm located on 115 beautiful rolling acres in Uxbridge, Ontario, just north of Toronto. We are devoted to breeding the finest of Irish Sport Horses in terms of bloodlines, confirmation, bone and temperaments.

Our young horses are all imprinted at birth and handled daily. Our horses receive the best preventative health care. Our foals are taught very early on to lead, stand quietly for the vet and farrier, load into a trailer, bathe and wear blankets. As well, our foals are subjected to as many situations as possible providing the foundation for a happy, calm, intelligent, kind and sensible horse.

By the age of two, our horses are taught to work in hand, lunged at the walk and trot and have been longlined. By this time they are worked with side reigns, bridle, saddle and long lines.

Our three year olds are solidly going under saddle at a walk, trot and canter. They are also free jumping, have hacked extensively and know the concept of self-carriage.

Our four year olds are started over fences and have begun competing as well as fox hunting.

Our philosophy ensures that our horses are willing and able to focus on the task at hand.

Our aim is to provide horses for the novice to the advanced rider, whether it is for pleasure, eventing, show jumping, dressage or fox hunting.